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New Educational Program "Fundamental Mathematics and Mathematical Physics"

New Educational Program
29 June 2020

MSU Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, with the support of the Foundation for the Advancement of Theoretical Physics and Mathematics “BASIS”, opens a new educational program "Fundamental Mathematics and Mathematical Physics" for students of 2-6 years of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. Institute for Theoretical and Mathematical Physics also takes part in the implementation of this program.

The program is aimed at educating students and active involvement of them in research.

Under the program, core subjects remain, but the educational material in some of them will be much advanced, and also a number of new core subjects will be added.

Both the staff of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, ITMP MSU staff and external lecturers will be involved in giving courses. Leading experts from around the world will be invited to give certain courses of study.


You can apply for the program here.



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