Lomonosov Moscow State University


Prof. Arkady Tseytlin 

Research interests of Arkady Tseytlin include  quantum  field theory and quantum gravity, superstring theory, conformal theories and AdS/CFT correspondence. He obtained several key results in superstring theory and field theory. In particular, he developed the sigma model approach to string theory,   discovered    the fundamental  role of  Born-Infeld  action as the  open string effective action, developed the method of constructing composite solitonic solutions in supergravity describing supersymmetric bound states of  branes, contributed to investigations of D-branes that  led to AdS/CFT duality, constructed the action of  superstings in AdS5 x S5 space and made substantial contributions to the  integrability-based approach to gauge-string  duality.


Selected publications:

E.S. Fradkin, A.A. Tseytlin, «Quantum String Theory Effective Action,» Nucl.Phys.B  261, 1 (1985).

E.S. Fradkin, A.A. Tseytlin, «Nonlinear Electrodynamics from Quantized Strings,» Phys.Lett.B  163, 123 (1985).

A.A. Tseytlin, C. Vafa, «Elements of string cosmology,» Nucl.Phys.B  372, 443 (1992)

A.A. Tseytlin,  «On nonAbelian generalization of Born-Infeld action in string theory,» Nucl.Phys.B  501 (1997) 41

I.R. Klebanov, A.A. Tseytlin,  «Entropy of near extremal black p-branes,» Nucl.Phys.B  475, 164 (1996)

S.S. Gubser, I.R. Klebanov and A.A. Tseytlin, «String theory and classical absorption by three-branes,» Nucl.Phys.B  499 (1997) 217

H. Liu and A.A. Tseytlin, «D = 4 superYang-Mills, D = 5 gauged supergravity, and D = 4 conformal supergravity,» Nucl.Phys.B  533 (1998) 88

I.R.Klebanov and A.A.Tseytlin, «Gravity duals of supersymmetric SU(N) x SU(N+M) gauge theories,» Nucl.Phys.B  578 (2000) 123

R.R. Metsaev and A.A.Tseytlin,  «Type IIB superstring action in AdSxS5 background,»  Nucl.Phys.B  533 (1998) 109

S.Frolov and A.A.Tseytlin,  «Semiclassical quantization of rotating superstring in AdS(5) x S5,»  JHEP  0206 (2002) 007

B.Hoare, R.Roiban and A.A.Tseytlin, «On deformations of AdS x S supercosets,» JHEP  1406, 002 (2014)

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