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Prof. Arkady Tseytlin


Research interests

Research interests of Arkady Tseytlin include  quantum  field theory and quantum gravity, superstring theory, conformal theories and AdS/CFT correspondence. He obtained several key results in superstring theory and field theory. In particular, he developed the sigma model approach to string theory,   discovered    the fundamental  role of  Born-Infeld  action as the  open string effective action, developed the method of constructing composite solitonic solutions in supergravity describing supersymmetric bound states of  branes, contributed to investigations of D-branes that  led to AdS/CFT duality, constructed the action of  superstings in AdS5 x S5 space and made substantial contributions to the  integrability-based approach to gauge-string  duality.


Selected publications:

  1. Fradkin, E.S.; Tseytlin, A.A. «Quantum String Theory Effective Action». Nucl.Phys.B  261, 1 (1985).
  2. Fradkin, E.S.; Tseytlin, A.A. «Nonlinear Electrodynamics from Quantized Strings». Phys.Lett.B  163, 123 (1985).
  3. Tseytlin, A.A.; Vafa, C. «Elements of string cosmology». Nucl.Phys.B  372, 443 (1992).
  4. Tseytlin, A.A.  «On non-Abelian generalization of Born-Infeld action in string theory». Nucl.Phys.B  501 (1997) 41.
  5. Klebanov, I.R.; Tseytlin, A.A. «Entropy of near extremal black p-branes». Nucl.Phys.B  475, 164 (1996).
  6. Gubser, S.S.; Klebanov, I.R.; Tseytlin, A.A. «String theory and classical absorption by three-branes». Nucl.Phys.B  499 (1997) 217.
  7. Liu, H.; Tseytlin, A.A. «D = 4 superYang-Mills, D = 5 gauged supergravity, and D = 4 conformal supergravity». Nucl.Phys.B  533 (1998) 88.
  8. Klebanov, I.R.; Tseytlin, A.A. «Gravity duals of supersymmetric SU(N) x SU(N+M) gauge theories». Nucl.Phys.B  578 (2000) 123.
  9. Metsaev, R.R.; Tseytlin, A.A. «Type IIB superstring action in AdSxS5 background».  Nucl.Phys.B  533 (1998) 109.
  10. Frolov, S.; Tseytlin,  A.A. «Semiclassical quantization of rotating superstring in AdS(5) x S5».  JHEP  0206 (2002) 007.
  11. Hoare, B.; Roiban, R.; Tseytlin, A.A. «On deformations of AdS x S supercosets». JHEP  1406, 002 (2014).

Publications affiliated with ITMP:

  1. Hoare, B.; Levine, N.; Tseytlin, A.A. (2018). "On the massless tree-level S-matrix in 2d sigma models".  Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. 52 (2019) 14, 144005. arXiv:1812.02549 [hep-th]. doi:10.1088/1751-8121/ab0b79.
  2. Beccaria, M.; Giombi, S.; Tseytlin, A.A. (2019). "Correlators on non-supersymmetric Wilson line in $ \mathcal{N}=4 $ SYM and AdS$_{2}$/CFT$_{1}$"Journal of High Energy Physics. 1905 (2019) 122. arXiv:1903.04365 [hep-th]. doi:10.1007/JHEP05(2019)122.
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  4. Beccaria, M.; Jiang, H.; Tseytlin, A.A. (2019). "Non-abelian Toda theory on AdS$_2$ and AdS$_2/CFT^{1/2}_2$  duality"Journal of High Energy Physics. 1909 (2019) 036. arXiv:1907.01357 [hep-th]. doi: 10.1007/s13130-019-11219-y.
  5. Casarin, L.; Tseytlin, A.A. (2019). "One-loop β-functions in 4-derivative gauge theory in 6 dimensions"Journal of High Energy Physics. 1908 (2019) 159. arXiv:1907.02501 [hep-th]. doi: 10.1007/JHEP08(2019)159.
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  10. Giombi, S.; Tseytlin, A.A. (2020). "Strong coupling expansion of circular Wilson loops and string theories in AdS$_5 \times {\rm S}^5$ and AdS$_4 \times {\rm CP}^3$"Journal of High Energy Physics. 130 (2020). arXiv: 2007.08512 [hep-th]. doi: 10.1007/JHEP10(2020)130.
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