Lomonosov Moscow State University

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Dmitry Ponomarev


    Since October, 2019

    I am mainly interested in constructing and analyzing interacting theories of higher-spin gauge fields as well as in other closely related problems of classical and quantum field theories. In particular, together with colleagues we were first to derive quartic vertices in higher spin theories from AdS/CFT correspondence and studied their locality, constructed chiral higher-spin theories employing the light-cone gauge approach and established the relation of the latter theories to self-dual Yang Mills theory and sigma models, as well as computed simplest quantum corrections in higher-spin theories.  

  • Ilya Bakhmatov


    Since March, 2020

    My scientific interests revolve around supergravity and string theory symmetries and dualities. I have worked on fermionic T-duality and applying it to supergravity solutions that are important from the holographic point of view. Using the supergravity formulations that are T- and U-duality covariant, I have been studying properties of the ordinary and exotic branes. Main research topics at present are the Yang-Baxter deformations of string sigma-models in the supergravity language, and their possible generalisations for M-theory.