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ITMP Open Calls for Postdocs and PhD Students

Deadline is indicated on the page of each Call

Joint educational program with the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics

A new educational program "Fundamental Mathematics and Mathematical Physics" opens for students of 2-6 years of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics

Joint Master’s program with the Physics Faculty

Deadline for interview applications is July 20, 2020

ITMP Seminar
ITMP Seminar "Models for a vast energy range: particles meet gravity and cosmology"
Speaker: Alberto Salvio, University of Rome Tor Vergata
ITMP Seminar
ITMP Seminar "Losing the trace to discover dynamical Newton or Planck constants"
Speaker: Dr. Alexander Vikman, Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
ITMP Seminar
ITMP Seminar "Supergravity excitations of stringy geometries"
Speaker: Associate Prof. Oleg Lunin, SUNY-Albany