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Public lecture by Professor Marc Henneaux

Public lecture by Professor Marc Henneaux
24 September 2019

We are pleased to invite you to a public lecture on "Gravity and quantum mechanics: the biggest crisis in modern physics?"

Marc Henneaux is a prominent  theoretical physicist, professor at the Free University of Brussels, director of the International Solvay Institute of Physics and Chemistry (Belgium), professor at Collège de France. Laureate of several prestigious international awards,including Francqui Prize, Humboldt Research Award  and  N.N. Bogolyubov  prize  (JINR).

The lecture will be held on October 8 (Tuesday) at 18:00 in the building of the Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University, auditorium 5-19.

Abstract: One of the major challenges of contemporary physics is to reconcile Einstein theory of gravity with quantum mechanics. These two pillars of modern physis, which have a wealth of experimental support, are incompatible in their current formulations. The lecture will illustrate the revolutionary concepts underlying these two theories, as well as the origin of their conflict and the current attempts to build a consistent synthesis of them (among which string theory remains one of the most promising candidates).   The idea of "symmetry" will be explained and its importance will be particularly stressed in the pursuit of that goal. 


If you do not have a pass to the building of the Faculty of Physics, please write your name and university at:



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