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ITMP Research Seminar

ITMP Research Seminar
4 October 2019

The first ITMP research seminar will be held on October 9 (Wednesday).

Marc Henneaux, professor at the Brussels Free University, will give a talk on "Asymptotic symmetries of electromagnetism and gravity".

Marc Henneaux is a prominent  theoretical physicist, professor at the Free University of Brussels, director of the International Solvay Institute of Physics and Chemistry (Belgium), professor at Collège de France. Laureate of several prestigious international awards,including Francqui Prize, Humboldt Research Award  and  N.N. Bogolyubov  prize  (JINR).

AbstractThe asymptotic symmetries of gravity and electromagnetism are remarkably rich. The talk will explain the asymptotic structure of gravity and electromagnetism in the asymptotically flat case by making central use of the Hamiltonian formalism.  In particular, how the relevant infinite-dimensional asymptotic symmetry groups emerge at spatial infinity, and the extension to higher spacetime dimensions, will be discussed.

The working language is English.

Beginning at 18:00.

Address: Lomonosov building of Moscow State University, room G-716.

If you do not have a pass to the Lomonosov building, please write your name and university at:




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