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The International MSc program "GEOMETRY AND QUANTUM FIELDS" opens for Admission

The International MSc program
24 April 2024

Dear students,

The International master’s program “Geometry and Quantum Fields” focuses on the physics and mathematics of fundamental interactions with an  emphasis on quantum gravity. The unique feature of the program is a combination of mathematical disciplines with a stress on geometry along with courses in quantum field theory, gravity, string theory and holography.

The entire education is conducted in English.

Applications for our 2024 Master’s intake of students are now open. 

The interview registration deadline is July 10, 2024. 

To enroll in the program, applicants must submit their documents to the Admissions Office at The list of required documents is indicated on the official page of the program. The admission is only possible if you have applied for admission within the application period and fulfil all admission requirements.

Learn more about the program on the official page.

If you have any questions about the program or admission, please contact us at

We are looking forward to receiving your applications.

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