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BASIS Foundation and ITMP Summer school

BASIS Foundation and ITMP Summer school
31 January 2020

BASIS Foundation for advancement of theoretical physics and mathematics continues the annual series of summer schools on theoretical physics. The topic of the 2020 School organized by the Institute for Theoretical and Mathematical Physics and Faculty of Physics of Lomonosov Moscow State University will be modern directions in Quantum Field Theory.

The school will take place at the SIRIUS Education Centre at the Black Sea coast in Sochi, Russian Federation.

The 2020 School targets advanced master and PhD students and young researchers specializing in theoretical and mathematical physics of fundamental interactions. 

There will be 6 lecture courses, 8-10 academic hours each. The official language of the school is English. Lectures will be given by world leading scientists: Gregory Korchemsky (Institute de Physique Theorique, Saclay), Alessandro Sfondrini (Padua U.), Grigory Tarnapolsky (Harvard U.), Anatoly Dymarsky (Kentucky U. & Skoltech),  Konstantin Zarembo (Nordita, Stockholm), Alexander Ochirov (ETH, Zurich)

Application deadline is March 20, 2020.

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