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Admission to the master’s program “Geometry and Quantum Fields” is now open

Admission to the master’s program “Geometry and Quantum Fields” is now open
15 November 2021

ITMP MSU and MSU Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics are now accepting applications for master’s program “Geometry and Quantum Fields”. The program is a master’s-level course in mathematics and theoretical physics designed to bring highly qualified and motivated students to the cutting edge of these fields.  The unique feature of the program is a combination of a solid mathematical background, specifically in geometry, and the systematic education in quantum field theory, gravity, strings theory and holography. 

This challenging master’s program is seeking students with strong undergraduate physics or mathematics track records as well as those who could demonstrate exceptional scientific aptitude and creative spirit. Applicants to the program will be considered for the scholarship program of The Theoretical Physics and Mathematics Advancement Foundation “BASIS”.

There are two ways to apply to the program:

1. Submit the application pack to the Admissions Office at Application period: from November 15th, 2021 to February 15th, 2022.

2. Apply to participate in Universiade “Lomonosov” in a section “Geometry and Quantum Fields”. The dates of the Universiade will be announced later.

Classes will start on September 1st, 2022, and will be fully taught in English. More information could be found on the program webpage.

We are looking forward to receiving your applications!

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