Lomonosov Moscow State University

MSc program

Joint Master’s program with Physics Faculty

Our joint Master’s program with the Physics Faculty of MSU started in the fall semester of 2019.

Students willing to pursue this program should first apply and enroll in the Physics Faculty. Master’s students at the Physics Faculty will be able to select this program as a possible educational trajectory.

The subjects of our program cover various aspects of advanced theoretical and mathematical physics, such as:

  • quantum gravity and string theory;
  • conformal field theory and AdS/CFT correspondence;
  • integrable models classical and quantum;
  • supersymmetric theories.

This program also includes courses on mathematical methods of QFT, applications in particle physics, cosmology, and condensed matter physics.

The lecturers of our program include Institute and Physics Faculty staff, scientists from RAS institutes as well as from Russian and foreign research centers.