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Jose Alejandro Rosabal Rodriguez


Research interests

My research interests focus on QFT and  entanglement entropy;  string theory and the study of its duality relations using generalized geometry or the so called exceptional field theory; and quantum gravity with emphasis on the quantum aspects of the  black holes and Hawking radiation. Currently,   I am working on computing the S-matrix of a 4D spherically symmetric and asymptotically flat spacetime, using the canonical formalism of gravity to describe the  evaporating black hole,  in connection with some recent developments in this field related to the replica wormhole calculus.


Selected publications:

  1. "Schwarzschild black hole states and entropies on a nice slice", J.A. Rosabal (Sep 9, 2020). Published in: Eur.Phys.J.C 80 (2020) 12, 1170. e-Print: 2009.04161 [hep-th]
  2. "Ehlers as EM duality in the double copy". A. Banerjee, E.Ó. Colgáin, J.A. Rosabal, H. Yavartanoo (Dec 5, 2019). Published in: Phys.Rev.D 102 (2020) 126017.e-Print: 1912.02597 [hep-th]
  3. "Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in Tensor Theories". P. Diaz, J.A. Rosabal (Sep 26, 2018). Published in: JHEP 01 (2019) 094. e-Print: 1809.10153 [hep-th]
  4. "New perspective on the Unruh effect". J.A. Rosabal (Aug 25, 2018). Published in: Phys.Rev.D 98 (2018) 5, 056015. e-Print: 1808.08397 [hep-th]
  5. "A string theory which isn’t about strings". Kanghoon Lee, Soo-Jong Rey, J.A. Rosabal (Aug 18, 2017). Published in: JHEP 11 (2017) 172. e-Print: 1708.05707 [hep-th]
  6. "On the exceptional generalised Lie derivative for d\geq7d≥7". J.A. Rosabal (Oct 29, 2014). Published in: JHEP 09 (2015) 153. e-Print: 1410.8148 [hep-th]
  7. "The gauge structure of Exceptional Field Theories and the tensor hierarchy". Gerardo Aldazabal, Mariana Graña, Diego Marqués, José A. Rosabal (Dec 16, 2013). Published in: JHEP 04 (2014) 049. e-Print: 1312.4549 [hep-th]
  8. "Remarks on entanglement entropy for gauge fields". Horacio Casini, Marina Huerta, Jose Alejandro Rosabal (Dec 4, 2013). Published in: Phys.Rev.D 89 (2014) 8, 085012. e-Print: 1312.1183 [hep-th]
  9. "Extended geometry and gauged maximal supergravity". G. Aldazabal, M. Graña, D. Marqués, J.A. Rosabal (Feb 21, 2013). Published in: JHEP 06 (2013) 046. e-Print: 1302.5419 [hep-th]


Publications affiliated with ITMP:

  1. Rosabal, J.A. (2021). "Quantum Gravity on a Manifold with boundaries: Schrödinger Evolution and Constraints". arXiv: 2111.03467 [gr-qc]. doi: 10.1140/epjc/s10052-022-10543-2.

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