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David Osten


Research interests

My main research focus lies in the study of dualities of string and M-theory and their geometrical description via generalised (exceptional) geometry - in particular its appearance in the world-volume descriptions of string and M-theory and its use in the study Poisson-Lie T-duality.
Connected to generalised geometry are my interests in the study of integrability, in particular the study of the classical integrability of string sigma models in certain backgrounds. Methods of generalised geometry helped to generate and understand new integrable sigma models.


Selected publications:

  1. David Osten: On current algebras, generalised fluxes and non-geometry, J. Phys. A 53 (2020) 56, arXiv:1910.00029
  2. Dieter Lüst, David Osten: Generalised fluxes, Yang-Baxter deformations and the O(d,d) structure of non-abelian T-duality, JHEP 05 (2018) 165, arXiv:1803.03971
  3. David Osten and Stijn J. van Tongeren, Abelian Yang–Baxter deformations and TsT transformations, Nucl. Phys. B915 (2017) 184–205, arXiv:1608.08504


Publications affiliated with ITMP:

  1. Osten, D. (2021). "Currents, charges and algebras in exceptional generalised geometry". aXiv: 2103.03267 [hep-th]. doi: 10.1007/JHEP06(2021)070.

  2. Osten, D. (2021). "Lax pairs for new ZNZN-symmetric coset σσ-models and their Yang-Baxter deformations". arXiv: 2112.07438 [hep-th]. doi: 10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2022.115856.

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