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Andrea Fontanella


Research interests

My research interests include string theory, supergravity, differential geometry and integrability in the AdS/CFT correspondence. I obtained various results about the quantum behaviour of massless modes appearing in integrable AdS2 and AdS3 string backgrounds. In particular I proposed a new geometric interpretation of their scattering matrix. I studied problems related to supersymmetric solutions of heterotic supergravity with alpha prime corrections, in particular regarding their classification and the supersymmetry enhancement mechanism for near-horizon geometries. Recently, I am working on non-relativistic string theory, aiming to a non-relativistic formulation of the AdS/CFT correspondence and questioning about its integrability. 


Selected publications:

  1. A. Fontanella and L. Romano, "Lie Algebra Expansion and Integrability in Superstring Sigma-Models''. JHEP 07 (2020), 083.
  2. A. Fontanella and T. Ortin, "On the supersymmetric solutions of the Heterotic Superstring effective action''. JHEP 06 (2020), 106.
  3. A. Fontanella, O. Ohlsson Sax, B. Stefanski and A. Torrielli, "The effectiveness of relativistic invariance in AdS3". JHEP 07 (2019), 105.
  4. A. Fontanella and A. Torrielli, "Geometry of Massless Scattering in Integrable Superstring''. JHEP 06 (2019), 116.
  5. A. Fontanella and A. Torrielli, "Massless sector of AdS3 superstrings: A geometric interpretation''. Phys. Rev. D 94 (2016) no.6, 066008.
  6. A. Fontanella, J. B. Gutowski and G. Papadopoulos, "Anomaly Corrected Heterotic Horizons’’. JHEP 10 (2016), 121.

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