Lomonosov Moscow State University

Krivorol Viacheslav

  • PhD Student

I am interested in quantum field theory, its mathematical aspects and applications to statistical mechanics.
In particular, I dealt with questions about the emergence of dissipation and the calculation of kinetic coefficients in quantum systems with weak interactions. To discuss these problems, the use of purely Matsubara Green's functions is not enough. Therefore, it is necessary to work in the rather complicated Keldysh-Schwinger formalism, which is a quantum field theory with time taking values on some contour in the complex plane. We showed that dissipation in quantum systems is related to pinch singularities of perturbation theory in this formalism.
Now I'm also working on sigma models that can be reformulated in terms of generalized Gross-Neveu models. This equivalence for a certain wide class of theories (models related to quiver varieties) makes it possible to efficiently obtain new results. Using this idea, I plan to understand for which sigma models integrability is preserved at the quantum level (including models on Riemannian manifolds).

Selected Publications:

Viacheslav Krivorol, Michail Nalimov. "Kinetic coefficients in the formalism of time-dependent Green's functions at finite temperature". arXiv: 2210.14281 [cond-mat.stat-mech].

Publications affiliated with ITMP:

  1. Bykov, D.Krivorol, V. (2023). "Grassmannian Sigma Models". arXiv: 2306.04555 [hep-th].