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ITMP Seminar "Trace anomaly in relativistic stars"

ITMP Seminar
2 октября 2023

Dear Colleagues,
We are pleased to announce that the next ITMP seminar will be held on Wednesday, Oct 4, 18:00 (Moscow time). It will be organised via Zoom.

Speaker: Dr. Ignacio Reyes, University of Amsterdam

Title: Trace anomaly in relativistic stars

Abstract: What are the essential aspects of quantum theory needed in order to understand compact relativistic objects? Relying solely on universal properties of QFTs at high energies, we show that as a star contracts towards its Buchdahl (rather than its Schwarzschild) radius, the effects of the trace anomaly become macroscopic at densities much below the Planck scale. The consequences of this may be observed, as we illustrate with minimally coupled scalar waves.

If you want to join the seminar please register here before 16:00, October 4 here.

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