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ITMP Seminar "Exact quantization"

ITMP Seminar
11 апреля 2022

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the next ITMP seminar will be held on Wednesday, Apr 13, at 18:00 (Moscow time). It will be arranged via zoom.


Speaker: Barak Gabai, Harvard University

Title: Exact quantization 

Abstract:  1d Hamiltonian problems are classically-integrable by definition. A manifestation of that is the fact that we can always use action-angle coordinates to parametrize the phase space. A generalization of the action variables to QM is not immediately obvious. In the presentation I will explain how to define rigorous quantities that can be thought of as the quantum action variables and how to write down an integral equation that determines their values, for a large class of 1d Schrodinger problems. Then, I will argue that these objects encode all of the dynamical information about the Quantum system, and explain how to extract the spectrum. The results are exact and rigorous.


If you want to join the seminar please register here before 17:00, April 13.

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