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ITMP Seminar "Automorphic symmetry and AdS String novel integrable deformations"

ITMP Seminar
6 декабря 2022

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the next ITMP seminar will be held on Wednesday, Dec 7, 18:00 (Moscow time). It will be organised via zoom.

Speaker: Anton Pribytok, Trinity College, Dublin

Title: Automorphic symmetry and AdS String novel integrable deformations

Abstract: We address the new structures arising in quantum and string integrable theories, as well as construct a method to find them. Initially we implement the automorphic symmetries on periodic lattice systems and exploit properties of an integrable hierarchy. This prescription is first applied for potentially new sl_2 sector, Generalised Hubbard type classes and more. We then construct a boost recursion for systems with R-/S-matrices that exhibit arbitrary spectral dependence, which is also an apparent property of the scattering in AdS integrable backgrounds. The generalised bottom-up approach based on coupled differential systems is derived to resolve for R-matrices exactly. In addition, one can isolate a special class of models (non-difference form) that provide a new structure consistently arising in AdS_{3} and AdS_{2} string backgrounds. These classes can be proven to be represented as deformations of the AdS_{2,3} models, which satisfy free fermion, constraint, braiding unitarity, crossing and exhibit deformed algebraic structure that shares certain properties with AdS_3xSˆ3xMˆ4 and AdS_2xSˆ2xTˆ6 models. A related discussion on further investigation of AdS_3 free fermion property, TBA finite size corrections and GSE will be provided.


If you want to join the seminar please register here before 16:00, December 7 here.

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