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Full-time PhD Postgraduate Fellowships

Full-time PhD Postgraduate Fellowships
10 ноября 2021

ITMP MSU announces several full-time PhD postgraduate fellowships, to start on October 1, 2022.

Applicants must have a Masters degree or equivalent in theoretical or mathematical physics  received before October 2022. They will be expected  to participate in the research activity of ITMP under a supervision of the members of the local group, members of the ITMP scientific council or other researchers associated with ITMP (see http://itmp.msu.ru/en/institute/) with the aim of obtaining a PhD degree in theoretical or mathematical physics. The PhD position is a full-time employment at ITMP offered for 4 years  with a monthly salary in the range  of 70-90 thousand roubles (850 - 1100 Euro) after tax. Funding for research-related expenses of up to 120 thousand roubles per year will  also  be  available. ITMP provides relocation allowance, health insurance and administrative support.

The application deadline  is March 1, 2022.

The applicants should send to jobs@itmp.msu.ru :

1) curriculum vitae, list of publications and short research statement;

2) arrange for at least  two letters of reference to be e-mailed separately to the above address.




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