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ITMP Seminar "Modification of the radiation definition in odd dimensions"

ITMP Seminar
26 октября 2020

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the next ITMP seminar will be held on Wednesday, October 28, at 18:00. The seminar will be arranged via Zoom. 


Speaker: Mikhail Khlopunov, ITMP MSU

Title: Modification of the radiation definition in odd dimensions

Abstract: In this seminar, I will discuss modification of the radiation definition for the case of odd-dimensional space-time. The standard definition of the wave zone fails in odd dimensions, due to the violation of the Huygens principle: the signal from an instantaneous flash of current reaches an observer after an interval of time required for propagation of the signal at the speed of light, but then the tail is observed endlessly; while in even-dimensional spaces an instant signal ends instantly at the observation point. The reason is that the retarded Green’s functions of the wave equation in odd dimensions has support localised not only on the light cone, but also inside it. I will discuss the covariant retarded quantities technique and Rohrlich-Teitelboim definition of the wave zone. Using this definition, the scalar radiation from a point-like charge, moving along the circular trajectory in three and five-dimensional space-times, will be computed. The obtained results will be verified by the calculations of the spectral distributions of the radiated energy, which are indifferent to the dimensionality of the space-time. Also, the contributions of the tails to the radiation will be discussed.


If you want to join the seminar please register here before 14:00, October 28.

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