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ITMP Seminar "Production of massive particles from the decay of a free massless field"

ITMP Seminar
5 октября 2020

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the next ITMP seminar will be held on Wednesday, October 07, at 18:00. The seminar will be arranged via Zoom. 


Speaker: Ariel Arza, ITMP

Title: Production of massive particles from the decay of a free massless field

Abstract: In this talk we will show, in a simple toy model (H=g\phi\chi^2), how Bose enhancement allows the decay of a massless field into massive particles. It happens due to a parametric resonance caused by a big energy density of the decaying field. I will show the instability conditions as well as the energy density threshold for the decay to occur. I will also compute the equivalent of the spontaneous decay rate.


If you want to join the seminar please register here before 14:00, October 07.

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